5 Things You Didn’t Know About Being An Indianapolis Entrepreneur

Indianapolis entrepreneurs are ready to build a community.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Being An Indianapolis Entrepreneur

Tinkering in the garage is a great way to start out. Just look at companies like Amazon. Hustling out of your Indianapolis apartment? Admirable. Joining conference calls from your favorite coffee shop? A great way to get your morning caffeine and meet potential clients. But, what happens when you need more privacy? More space? More support and a community that will rally behind you? As an Indianapolis entrepreneur, doors are opened to you. You have countless opportunities. Check out some of these great things that you may not have known about being an Indianapolis entrepreneur:

1. Close Proximity to Major Players

No matter the industry you’re trying to break into or disrupt, the major players are probably downtown. That means, as an Indianapolis entrepreneur, you’ll have easier access to the clients and deals you need to really take off and build on your success.

2. A Close Community

While Indianapolis is a major metropolitan city, it feels much more like your hometown. Specifically, the entrepreneurial community in Indy is close. We look out for each other. Encourage each other. And support each other’s accomplishments.

3. Access to Culture

Need a quick break to get the creativity flowing? You’ll have no problem finding something to get the sparks flying. From the cultural trail to quirky restaurants to local coffee roasters and shops, there are plenty of opportunities to get out and shake things up.

4. Plenty of Networking Opportunities

Looking to make an introduction? Need to meet new service providers? Want to partner with another Indianapolis entrepreneur or startup? There are plenty of great networking events like Fail Fest where you can meet fellow entrepreneurs, learn, and make real connections.

5. Expansion Opportunities t ultrices purus.

Access to major clients within a city are great. Access to major players around the country and the globe? Even better. Expanding your services as an Indianapolis entrepreneur is easy when you consider the fact that we have an international airport and are literally the Crossroads of America.

6. Booming Growth

Perhaps one of the biggest and best reasons to be an Indianapolis entrepreneur: growth potential. The city is growing. The economy is on an upward trajectory. Technology is becoming a huge factor for the city. Entrepreneurs are driving all of this.

So, how do you get out of the garage? How do you transition from your apartment or the coffee shop? You join a community of entrepreneurs at an Indianapolis co-working space. At Launch Indy, you’ll find more than a desk for your laptop and a place to meet clients. You’ll find a community ready to help you and rally around you. You’ll find a dedicated team eager to help you continue on your path of success. What could be better for Indianapolis entrepreneurs?

Contact our team to learn how you can become a Launch Indy member.