How Launch Indy Got Started

Co-working spaces provide startups with the space and support they need to launch their business.

How Launch Indy Got Started

Launch Fishers was born out of a desire to give Fishers entrepreneurs and creatives a space to collaborate and continue their pursuits of success. Since it’s inception, the co-working facility has been a bridge between the community and entrepreneurs. Startups have grown out of the facility. Entrepreneurs have created positive economic impacts and industries have been disrupted. Seeing all of the positive changes that came from the facility, we wanted to give another community the opportunity for the same growth. We wanted to grow our co-working network and build a bridge between two communities of entrepreneurs. Launch Indy is that bridge.

Launch Indy: Bridging Entrepreneurial Communities

While Launch Indy’s main focus is to support members, it will also serve as a bridge between Indianapolis and Fishers. Both communities and cities are important, growing tech hubs for the state of Indiana. By creating this direct connection between the communities, collaboration between startups and entrepreneurs working out of each space will be streamlined. Indiana has made a hard push in recent months to foster innovation. Launch Indy and Launch Fishers are committed to that and provide entrepreneurs with the space they need to be innovative, creative, and transformative.

Building a Network of Co-Working Facilities

Launch Indiana is a growing network of co-working facilities. The organization not only advocates for the entrepreneurial spirit all over the state, but offers members access to dozens of coworking locations throughout the state. To continue this network of facilities, Launch Indy members will have access to not only the Launch Fishers co-working space but all of the other Launch Indiana facilities. Having access to these facilities provides more than remote locations to work out of it. It increases the collaboration and innovation that can happen when entrepreneurs work so closely together.

Are you ready to join Launch Indy? We’d love to have you join us. Contact our team to learn how you can become a member!